Sunday, 21 October 2007

Malti Gauri Scholarship Yojna for needy talent

BBrains development society has decided to increase the no.of scholarships from oct ,2007 from 2 to 7 , one students from each class. This scholarship is named as
"Malti Gauri Scholarship Yojna for needy talent"

This was announced by Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya who is sponsoring this scheme in the name of his parents, SRI GAURI SHANKAR LAL & Malati Devi on oct 4,2007 on third anniverssary of BiharBrains.

Name of the students from MADHYA VIDYALAYA selected for scholarship are:

1. Mohan Kumar : clas 1
2. Chandan Kumar : class 2
3. Priti kumari : class 3
4. Prerna Kumari : class 4
5. Avinash Kumar Karn : class 5
6. Trishala Kumari : class 6
7. Gunja Kumari : class 7

Download list in details:

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Janipur School Project


I happened to be the student of Madhya Vidyalaya, Janipur of sitamarhi district of Bihar during my child hood in early 80’s. I remember those days when I was going to attend my school by taking own “Bora and chatti” because school was having insufficient no of desk and benches which were used only by the students of class 6th and 7th ;Teachers were used to take class under tree because only there were only three class rooms for 7th standard schools; were going in the field for toilets because of unavailability of toilets.
After all odds , I completed my schooling with lots of love from all teachers’ community and school mates and got good name in the school and village as I was topper in school.
In my career journey from Janipur to South Korea, I saw many ups and downs and feel about unfavorable condition in schools for the students. After 20 years also, the condition of the school is more or less same and in my view, it has been deteriorated in terms of quality of education and management. This is the condition of almost all rural govt schools.

Being an alumnus, I feel my responsibility to contribute myself in terms of making this school, a school of good infrastructures, good quality of education and help needy student who doesn’t have means to study or continue their education further.

The idea of making this school as model school of Bihar is brainchild of mine and would like to help in all aspects to this school. I started this as project in 2005 and did all activity under BiharBrains ( sponsorship scheme.

This bog has been created for the news and updates of the development about the said school.


TO give MADHYA Vidyalaya,Janipur school a shape of model school is my dream mission.


1. Shri Gauri Shankar Lal , My father (Retd Head Assistant, DSE ,Govt of Bihar)
2. Sri Sanjay Mandal , A teacher and Village representative BiharBrains , Janipur Chapter
3. Sri Suresh Chandra Mishra, Ex member of Zila Parishad
4. Sri Ram Kumar Mishra,EX-Mukhiya Janipur